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CS Crumber

Client: Carleen S

The original sterling silver objects were the two components of a crumber, for cleaning crumbs off a tablecloth after dining. I found the design of the device less than functional, not well suited for removing crumbs. One part was sort of a dust pan, as one might use with a whisk or small broom and  the other half was like an ornate bench scraper, but with a handle off the side and awkward to use. I found myself both really intrigued and simultaneously repulsed by this object and as a result spent a long time with it trying many failed attempts at making a memorial to this device. I'm including s few of the memorials, but my favorite is the sculpture that I made out of  book in the shape of the dustpan part of the crumber. The silver in this original object allowed me enough material to make 3 substantial soup spoons. They are shown here in a felt display case, which is becoming a considered element for each installment of the project moving forward. 

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