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Due to the wide variation in the size of the original object and the time/involvement in producing the memorial artworks, there is some flexibility in the pricing structure. The basic guideline is that each piece of flatware (spoon or fork) will cost between $500-$1000. This includes the memorial artwork which you receive plus the number of utensils produced from the silver object. Each spoon weighs about 65 grams, so one can weigh the original silver object to determine the approximate cost to participate in the project. 

In addition to works that are commissioned by people with heirloom or unwanted sterling silver objects, work created from orphaned silver is available for purchase. A single work is: all of the flatware made from the original object plus one memorial work from that original. Memorial artworks may also be purchased separately. 

I am completely open to barter and trade as a form of payment. Additionally, If you are interested in participating,but do not have an original object, you can acquire a sterling silver object for use in this project. 

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 Lee Boroson Studio 2021
A sampling of original sterling silver object that were used for these projects
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