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recycling heirloom silver objects into flatware for everyday use

The tools of dining

LP flatware in felt case.jpg

This project engages participants who commit a sterling silver keepsake and commission my service, which delivers memorial artworks, and functional, everyday flatware derived from this object. I provide this service, which gives the participant an opportunity to understand the original objects in a new way and also to access functional handmade flatware for everyday use. Trained as a traditional silversmith, I have been hand-forging eating utensils designed to reflect early American silver, ergonomic and free of ornament. 

I have been fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of European and early American handmade flatware and simultaneously frustrated by the lack of availability of simple ergonomic flatware in the marketplace. Since early in the industrial revolution, spoons and forks have been designed to be made by machines and thus lost the connection between the hand in manufacturing and the hand in use in dining. There is no comparison between the pleasure of eating with handmade forks and spoons and the mass-produced utensils we have become used to.  . 

Please look at the participation and pricing page for more information. If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact me at the link below.

flatware patterns.jpg

Spoon templates

flatware in process.jpg

cast ingots and spoons in progress

forged spoon blanks

forged spoon blanks

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