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Liza P. creamer, sugar and candy dish

Client: Liza P.

The original sterling silver objects were a matching creamer and sugar that were missing their handles and a nondescript candy dish. My first impulse was to make silhouettes of the creamer and sugar in order to remake/ imagine them with handles. I found a similar set in the Gotham silver catalogue from 1911. I altered a photograph of that catalogue page, replacing the original creamer and sugar with the imagined silhouettes. Other artworks inspired by the originals are a digitally built photograph of various environments encountered during a stay in Vermont, photographed as reflected in the creamer, and a drawing that also incorporates two of the silhouettes. 

The combined weight of these objects was over 300 grams, enough to produce 10 utensils, in this case the client chose 5 forks and 5 spoons. 

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