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AE orphaned plates to parfait spoons

clients: Alexi and Erika

I was approached to make a set of 8 parfait or ice tea spoons for a 25 (silver) wedding anniversary celebration. Priorly, I had purchased three sterling bread plates for use in this project and the weight was appropriate for the quantity of spoons commissioned. Two plates were fashioned into small sculptures of boats seen in the NY harbor, and became players in the photograph. I converted the third plate into an homage to Meret Oppenheim, who had a survey of her life's work on exhibit at MOMA. Continuing the nautical theme, I designed the wool case for the finished spoons as the letters A and E based of maritime signal flags. 

Process-wise, this project was a turning point in my method. I had endless quality control issues with the smelting of the silver in my own studio into forgeable ingots, and in order to streamline this process and improve the quality of the final flatware, I began to work with a professional metal milling company. They now recycle the original objects and produce the new raw material for smithing. 

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